Stadium Project:
Spartan 300 Club Fundraiser


We are excited to announce the Spartan 300 Club has reached our 300 member goal! Thanks to everyone who helped to support the 300 Club fundraiser. We still are looking for additional members of the $5,000 Touchdown Club Level. Also, you can still make a stadium donation of any amount by visiting our "Donate Now" page.

Thank you to the donors listed below who helped make the first two phases a reality! We look forward to keeping the momentum going into Phase 3 in 2016!



Show Your Spartan Pride!

The time is now to show your Spartan Pride. Join our exclusive Spartan 300 Club. Why 300? Besides the obvious connection to the legendary 300 Spartans of history... 100 yards of turf, 3 feet in a yard = 300 feet of field!

For a one time donation of $1,000, receive these benefits:

  • Sponsor one linear foot (sideline to sideline) of turf
  • 300 Club Members Spartan Stadium Donor Wall Recognition (to be completed as part of Phase 3 of the project for Fall 2016)

This opportunity is only for the first 300 participants. After 300 supporters have donated, the membership will close! Note, this Spartan 300 fundraiser is only for individuals/families, BHS classes, or Boardman Schools groups.

For those supporters looking to be a part of something more than the 300 Club, we offer a prestigious $5,000 Touchdown Club and elite $25,000 Maroon and White Executive Club. Please email usand provide contact information for these opportunities. A member of our campaign will personally contact you with more information.

Current Touchdown Club Members

Classes of 1968, 1969, 1970 & 1971 Krieger Family
Boardman Local Schools Administrators Frank & Charleen Lazzeri
In Memory of Betty & Henry Cipperley Tom & Debra Madej
Don Constantini & Diana D'Alesio Roz & Al Miller
Dr. James & Joyce Ellashek Justin Mistovich
In Memory of George ('54) & Thalia Economus - Dean ('85), Kathy ('87), & Bill ('91) Kim Poma
The Grimm Family The Wellington Family
The John Hay Family - "Scotty" (Booster Pres., 1968-1970), Pat, Jack (1969), and Char (1974)  

Spartan 300 Club Members

Class of 1962
Class of 1964
Class of 1965
Class of 1974
Class of 1976
Class of 1988
Class of 1991
Class of 2000
Class of 2003
Class of 2016
1961 Undefeated Senior Football Team Members
Class of 1965 Varsity Football Players
In Memory of Edward Abel
Dr. Scott & Sandi Agnew
Tony and Diana Alvino
Ron & Julie Ambrosia
William and Maddalena Amero
Jack & Barb Amstutz
In Memory of Nik Amstutz
Steve and Jean Armstrong
Dr. Merle, Melissa & Morgan Auck
David (1978) & Ursula Baker
In Loving Memory of Neil Baldelli Sr.
Nazih Banna
Brent J. Barkett
John & Georgia Barkett
Jeff and Erin Barone
Brad Barringer
Thomas Bartholomew
Tom, Jen, Noah, & Julia Basista
David W. Beede, Class of 1959
Patrick & Alyssa Birch & Family
Kris Bjorson
Rick & Joni Blase
Rae Blewitt
Boardman Basketball Sixth Man Club
Boardman Football Alumni
Boardman Lacrosse Boys/Girls Teams
Boardman Wrestling
Tommy Bodnovich - Class of 1975
Bill & Carol Bonte
The Bresnahan Family
Bruce & Carol Breunig
Jeff & Andrea Brindley
Alan & Alexis Burns
Howard and Donna Cailor
The Cailor Family
Mike & Terri Calautti
Joe, Cyndi, Deana, Michael, & Anthony Calcagni
Brad, Sue, Jayson, & Adam Calhoun
The Cardillo Family
Philip & Barb Carlon
Brooke Carlon Vaughn 99, Brianne Carlon Rush 03, Philip Carlon II 04, & Brittany Carlon 06
Dr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Cerimele
In Memory of Josephine Chizmar
The Chizmar's Karen, John, Jeff & Adam
Dr. Ted & Marie Chrobak
Dr. & Mrs. Michael Cicchillo
The Cmil Brothers - Raymond III #62 ('89), Ryan #8 ('97)
Steve Cocca #61 & Family
Justin & Jana Coffin
Bryan & DeAnna Colonna
Timothy F. Cooper
Tom & Janet Costello
Dr. John Cox in Memory of John C. Cox
Jack & Nancy Cramb
Emilee & Evan Croutch
Tonya (’94), Kathy (’91) & Lucy Crowe - Go BHS!
In Memory of Harold E. Cullar, Principal
The Cvercko Family
Don & Kristen Dailey
Bill & Joyce D'Amico & Family
Dr. Frank & Valerie D'Apolito   
James & Gina D'Apolito & Family
Amy & Anthony Daprile
John & Gwen Darnell
Bill & Edie Davidson
Fred & Buffy Davis
Jeff & Kim Simon Davis
Jim & Donna Wester Davis Class of 1946
Chad & Alyssa DeAngelo
Robert DeMarco, MD
John, Melinda, Trey, & Brady  DePietro
Terry & Tevis DiMascio
George & Jeanne Donie
Alex, Cailin, and Sara Downie
Tom & Judy Draper
George & Jenn Dravecky
Dan & Marianne Durkin
Suzie & Bill Eckert
In Memory of George C. Economus
The George & Judy Economus Family
Greg & Katie Ensley
Betty L. Evans
Roland Fabrizio
In Memory of Tony Fee '96
Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan Felter & Family
Stanley J. Feret
Cindy Fernback
The Finamore Family
Jack Fithian
Dr. John & Mrs. Lisa Flauto  
Ron Flauto 1988
Bruce & Stefanie Flyak
George & Mary Ann Flyak
Cara Fowler Essad, Chris & Matt Fowler
Jim, Joan, Jamie, & Joel Fox
Carol, Linda, Janet, Don, & Kathy Frank
Don (73) & Amy Peterson (75) Friedrich
Dana & Lisa Fulks
Mark & Lorraine Fulks
Steve & Monica Gable & Family
The Garchar Family
Rob & Charlotte Geletka
Jim and Barb Geller
The Ghossain Family
John Patrick  & Mildred Kathryn Gilmartin
Betty Glade Currier
Jim and Doxie Glinatsis
The Golubic Family - Dennis, Tristan, Dennis, & Brooklyn
John & Kim Gorski
Jimmy & Cami Goske
The Graziani Family
Jack Grdic
The Greco Family
Carl & Theresa Greenaway
Jerry Greene Mahoning County Sheriff
Wally & Susan Grove
Jeremy Gurski
In Memory of Herman Gutierrez
Ken Halbert
Jack Hay 1969
Bob and Debbie Hendrickson
The Hewko Family
The Higgins Family - Andy '93, Courtnie '92, Nate '12, Cara '18
Honoring Debra L. Hinkle
The Holman's Len & Kathy Holly 05 James 08 David 12
Attorney Mark & Wanda Huberman
Michelle Marino- Hunter
Judge Scott D. Hunter
Bryan & Peppe Ignazio
Joe Ignazio Jr.
Dave Janik
Dr. Bob & Jan Johnson
Sidney, Sara, Armani, Ashia Johnson
Bob, Linda, Shannon ('96), & Ryan ('99) Johnson
Kate & Sid Jones
Betty Ann Jones
Dr. Tom Joseph
Joe Joseph Joseph 1991
The Kale Family
The Kaple Family: Tim, Yvonne, Erin '97, Ryan '99, Timon '04
Bob Kempe Class of '81
Dr. Jed Kesler
Mrs. F.W. Knecht III
Mr. & Mrs. F. Wilson Knecht IV & Family
Scott Knox
Phil & Katie Kocon
The Kohout Family
Dave Kornbau
Ron & Karen Kreps
Sean & Jen Kreps
Michael Krieger '02
Jeff ('86), Jen, John ('12), Jenna ('14) Jack ('16) Kuczek
Shelly LaBerto
Lady Spartans Fastpitch Club
John P. Landers
Family of Philip & Maryann Landers
Frank & Charleen Lazzeri
William & Nancy Leicht
The Lenhart Lenhart Family
Dr.Michael,Mary,Mario Leone
Dr. Dean J. Limbert & Family
Judge & Mrs. George J. Limbert & Family
Dr. David Lowry '88 & Family
Edison G. & Katherine H. Lugibihl
Jay Lugibihl
Ilene & Pastor Chuck Lundquist
Denny & Norma Lyden
Richard A.  Macaulay - Class of 1965
David R Maccaulay - Class of 1971
Debi (Jones) Madej - Class of 1986
Frank and Elaine Mancini & Family
Marco,Janie,Gianna & Carmen Marinucci
The Marucci Family
Leona & John P. Massaro Family Eva'59, Jean'65, Janet'69 Massaro Family Eva'59, Jean'65, Janet'69
Jim & Judy Massey
Jon Mauch & Family
The McCreary's - Jim, Nancy, Courtney (2009), & Kaitlyn(2011)
Jeff & Debi McLhinney
The Mechling Family
Roz & Al Miller
Albie Miller 1999
The Miller Family - Chad, Kathy, Connor, Aidan, Logan
Michael & Kevin Mills
Ronald & Joyce Mistovich
Larry, Kathleen, Tyler, Lauren Moliterno
Ron & Judy Moschella
Dean and Georgia, Scot & Amy Murray
Lloyd & LaRue Murray and Richard & Charlotte Richards
Shorty & Elba Navarro
Dr. Thanh and Tina Nguyen & Family
Jim Nichols
Pete, Amy ('82), Jacob ('13) & Evan ('16) Noll
Tom '65 & Sherrie Nordquist
Douglas and Carolyn Nybell
The O'Bruba Family - Dan, Marilyn, Danny, & Mike
Nicholas John Opritza III
Rosalie & Nicholas John Opritza IV
Nicholas John Opritza V
In Memory of John & Lucile Pardee
The Pardee Family – Pete ’53, Patsy ’54, Suzy ’57 & John ’64
The Pasquale and Daprile Families
Roger Patterson
David & Kathy Pavlansky
The Peters Family
Joe & Laney Pinciaro
Kim Poma
Ben Z. Post
John & Carol Potter
The Primavera Primavera Family
The Pushic Family - Gene, Annie, Brad, Brian
Donald, Kara, Karlynn, Mackenzie, and Alan Ricitelli
Jack, Jeanne, Brian, Kristi, & Lauren Rider - Go Spartans
Don and Denise Robinson
The  Rodenbaugh Family, Don 83, Jolene 85, Erica 07, David 10  "Go Spartans"
Cameron, Jackson, & Caeden Rogers
The John & Carol Roncone Family - Sharon'82, Carrie '86, John '89, Dave '91
Dr. Linda S. Ross
In Memory of Don Ross Sr.  
In Loving Memory - Don Ross Sr. - Class of 1964
Jack & Sandy Russell
Jeff & Kate Ryan
Mark & Alissa Sahli
Mike & Nicole Sahli
Robert & Lynn Sahli
Christopher & Lisa Sammartino
Rich Santilli
Tim, Gina, Anna, & Alicia Saxton
Larry Saxton Family
Rick, Denice, Erin, Matthew, and Michael Schafer
Bill and Marilyn Scheetz
Glen '65 & Jane Schlosser
The Ron Scott Family
Dick & Peggy Selby
Drs. Manu & Sangeetha Sethi - Class of 1988
Mike & Sandy Shasby
Eric Simione
Matt  Skillman
Tom & Lindsay Skook
Zack & Erika Skook
Paul & Betsy Slater
Jack. Jan, & Tracy Slifka
The Smithberger
Rick and Linda Smrek & Family
Karl/Pat Soller: Jim-65 Hilary-68 Chris-71 Mark-75
Spartan Dugout Club
Don and Verna Spires
Bobby & Carrie Stackhouse
Nick Stamp
Tim, Evelyn, Robert, & Bill Stanton
Craig, Joelle, Lauren & Chloe Steinhoff
The Stilliana Family
In Memory of Doug Straub
In Memory of Millie Straub
Millie Straub & Family
Denny Straub, Judy Wessels, and Jan Goebel
David and Janet Sypert
Tony, Cheryl, Tony & Carmen Tarantino
Craig Tareshawty 1984
Dr. James & Mary Ann Tavolario
Ryan Theodore 1999
Joseph and Deebie Thomas & Family
The Tims Family
Ken Tirpack
Michael, Sharon, Kelly, & Lindsay Tomcsanyi
Mike ('82), Angel, Alexis ('11), Erin ('13) and Maddy ('20) Trell
Pat & Jeanette Trell
Jason, Robyn, Jason, Gia and Jenna Triveri
Sue Vallos
David Vanaman
Bill & Karen Veri
John Vicarel
John & Gail Walsh
Chris '95, Jeff '99, & Ryan '00 Walsh
Mark & Chis Wehr
In Memory of Richard "Duke" Wellington
Richard "Duke" Wellington
Chuck & Laurie Whitman
Scott & Jodie Williamson 88,90
The Ken Wilson Family
David & Donna Wolfe
Todd, Leigh & Nick Yallech
The Yosay Family
Joshua J. Zarlenga
Tommie Zetts '03
Andy  Zetts '99 #5
Jack & Jacqui Zocolo, Chloe, Andrew, Dom & Chris 
Scott & Bethann Zoldan
Mark Zura

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